Sony A7Sii & Alpha Series Cameras

With a 12.2 megapixel high-sensitivity Exmor CMOS sensor, 4K HDMI out, 60p at full HD and discreet form factor, the A7S has become our go-to body for the majority of our projects. Paired with our ever-growing library of Canon EF Glass, we feel excited not just about what this camera can do today, but what we'll be doing with it tomorrow.

Atomos Assassin

The Atomos Assassin does two things, drain batteries and unleash the true power of the Sony A7S. With ProRes 422 recording at 4K and 60p at Full HD, the Assassin is an essential tool in realising the full potential of the Sony A7S. Also, it drains batteries at speeds previously relegated to quantum theory. To understand the level of detail available when shooting in 4K, feel free to watch and download the following video (4K playback available only on Vimeo).

Audio Gear

In addition to our collection of lavalier microphones, we have an ever-expanding audio kit. Our main recorder is the versatile, battery powered Zoom H6N (with a couple H1s on standby in case of an emergency). In addition to that, we are also equipped with a Sennheiser MKE 600, a boom pole and a Rode Blimp. This audio kit hits all the key marks - affordable, portable and (perhaps most important) great sounding.


Glidecam HD-4000 + Vest

What better way to get the camera off the sticks than with a vest-mount Glidecam? This is what we use for shots that require mobility than can't be achieved with dollies, handheld rigs or tripods. The video below shows a sample of the Glidecam in action.

The Post Production Environment

Shooting is only half the project. In order to deliver top-tier work, we maintain a suite of top-tier software. We have three post stations fully equipped with all the major software, including Adobe Creative Cloud, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Cheetah 3D, Logic, Compressor and other various widgets and gadgets that make your movies look great.