Weapons, Weapons Everywhere (And Not A Corpse To Carve)

I just got back from a meeting with Story Consultant/Cool Shit Enthusiast Matty Roberts. He's been rounding up choice cutlery from around Japan to help make sure each character has a weapon that fits their personality.


Calico keeps a small blade as her main tool. Don't be fooled by its size, the blade and handle are solid metal and have serious weight to them.


Auburn's blade is larger than Calico's but similar in its general functionality. It has etchings in the blade, signature pictographs from the previous owner.


A farmer and cultivator at heart, Stone carries a light ax with decorative mountain pictographs chiseled into the metal. While the handle is long enough for swinging, when gripped at the top, the blade makes a perfect knuckle cover for hand-to-hand combat. Stone has used it only for gardening since having met Carver.


Carver carries something similar to Stone's ax, but much more appropriate for his "Obliterate First, Ask Questions Never" approach to survival. With a longer handle and a heavier head, this ax is meant to solve problems before problems get close enough to actually become problems.

The Feral Marauders

The detail on the blades for The Ferals is monumental. Each one has a bone-carving flavour that is singular. These are truly weapons of intimate destruction in a world without law. Now to match them with their rightful owners.

For the first time in my life, I can say "BONE-SAW'S READY" without a hint of irony.

- JJ