Log Line

A pair of women, one pregnant, face the myriad dangers of a post-nuclear winter world. They are searching for a rumoured stronghold of civilisation, known only as The Library, and must find it if the infant is to have any chance of survival.

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The Cast

Calico Jasmin Jandreau

Jasmin Jandreau

Carver Danté Carver

Danté Carver

The Librarian Alexandra Küas

The Librarian
Alexandra Küas

Auburn Saranna Rotgard

Saranna Rotgard

Stone Chris D'Eletto

Chris D'Eletto

The Charles Ken Kuroyanagi

The Charles
Ken Kuroyanagi

Fire Acadia


The Witch Adrian Wyatt

The Witch
Adrian Wyatt

Rebel Bill Hargenrader

Bill Hargenrader


The Team

J.J. Koester - Writer/Director
Head of Production at www.iceblock.tv

William Greenawalt - Cinematographer
Creative Director at www.iceblock.tv

Matthew Roberts - Story Consultant
Producer of Tokyo Gone

John Rizzi - Assistant Editor

Reagan Frazier - 1st A.C.

Joan Keith - 1st A.D.

Esther Thirimu - Composer
Vocalist & Songwriter of www.swinkymusic.com

David Jimenez Figueroa - Color Grader

Produced By Ice Block

The World

Our vision for a world after a nuclear winter is greatly informed by our time spent volunteering in the northern areas of Japan and the images coming out of the exclusion zone around Fukushima area. We saw how vibrant and active communities can disappear in a matter of hours when it becomes clear that the land is soaked in radiation. Over the years that followed, we learned how quickly those affected areas can become overgrown with plant life that might look lush and healthy but is poisonous. With The Library, we want to ask the question, "What might it be like if the destruction we've seen in Fukushima and Chernobyl were globally pervasive?"


Production will take place in rural Pennsylvania with principal photography split between the rustic farmlands that pepper the countryside and the sweeping vistas afforded by the Appalachian Trail. Our vision for a post-apocalyptic world is a green one where the world is lush and beautiful but the earth and the plants are poisoned, a planet soaked with radiation. Society has broken into two factions. The Ferals are a tribe of savages led by The Charles, a man of few words but a killer's instinct. Nomads travel alone and survive based on their mobility and independence. Calico and Auburn are two nomads who find themselves fighting together against the elements and The Ferals, finding unlikely allies along the way as they struggle to find The Library.

Production Timelime

March - May: Script Revisions & Casting
June: Prep Communication
July 1-15: Location Hunting, Scheduling
July 15-25: Preproduction, Costuming, Prop Purchasing
July 25-Aug 1: Filming scenes with only Calico & Auburn, possibly filming The Charles Camp scenes
Aug 1-15: Filming scenes with Calico, Auburn, Carver, Stone & Fire
Aug 15: Wrap Principal Photography
September-December: Post Production

Festival Run, Push in Film Market

Technical Information

The Library will be shot at 4K, 24p using the Sony a7s and Canon EF Lenses. All video will be shot in the S-Log2 colour space to ProRes 422 HQ on the Atomos Assassin. The final film will be finished 4k, 24p, 16:9, stereo and delivered in ProRes 422 HQ. This format allows for expedient delivery in all formats and flavours, from streaming web to UHD Blu-Ray.


Tokyo Gone - Sample Short Film

Tokyo Gone was a cinematic experiment produced by Ice Block and Speedtractor. The creative team for The Library will be composed largely of the same people and this should be viewed as a proof-of-capability and a way to familiarise yourself with the team's style of work.