Jurassic World - Ice Block Quickie

Overly Reductive Plot Summary

Against all odds, Jurassic Park is now open to the public and (against all odds) people are already bored with the attractions, so (against all odds) a lone geneticist with no oversight from investors or the CEO or the insurers creates a dinosaur so ferocious that (against all odds) it escapes from its paddock and (predictably) wreaks havoc on the park.

Against all odds, a pair of children, their accountant aunt and Chris Pratt (who against all odds has trained a pack of Velociraptors to hunt with him) track down this Indominus Rex and (against all odds) employ the help of a T-Rex and a gigantic dino-fish to (against all odds) kill the beast.

Significant For...

Being a great movie every time it gets down to the business of dino-mayhem.

Insignificant For...

Tempering that greatness with talking.

The Entire Film In 3 Images


Elements Of The Film (Ranked On A Genetically Modified Scale of 1 to 5)

  1. There are four credited screenwriters and the effort shows. Story threads come and go creating a mishmash of ideas with no focus or drive. Is it a commentary on corporate greed, diminished attention spans, cell phone culture, disaffected youth, military might, the unstoppable powers of nature or family togetherness? Any topic is fair game, but never for more than 5 minutes before the directionless dialogue baubles off to some other topic or gets interrupted by dino-violence.
  2. For a film so outwardly set in its convictions about the inherent evil of corporate greed, there is no shortage of Beats By Dre, Hilton, Starbucks, Samsung and Verizon shoehorned into the story.
  3. The military blowhard who is painted as the villain is the only character to make the very rational decision to bring in hard-cut soldiers to try to contain the dino-threats. All of our 'heroes' are too busy protecting investments to care about the 20,000 human lives on the island.
  4. Indominus Rex is neat.
  5. Chris Pratt is every inch a star and the scenes of him with his herd of Velociraptors match the razor's edge tension of the first film (or any great action film, for that matter). It's carnal, immediate and the dangers of a false move are clearly understood, even before the full dynamics of the bond are explained.

OK, Mr. Critic, You're Smart And Condescending, But Would You Have Been Proud If This Were Your Film?

Of course!
Heck! I'd be proud just to visit the island they filmed on and take a couple snapshots.

Final Verdict

Jurassic World holds the dubious honor of being not only better than no Jurassic Park film whatsoever but also being better than Jurassic Park III. The film is at its best when it focuses on the dinosaurs, particularly the 4 raptors and their alpha. Unfortunately, more than half of the run time is dominated by disjointed, directionless plot lines. With the relationship between the raptors and Chris Pratt being so dynamic, textured and exhilarating, why do we spend so much time zipping around from scene to scattershot scene?

I suppose we can chalk it up to corporate greed and an ever-shrinking public attention span.