Waxwork 2: Lost In Time - Review, Ice Block Quickie

Overly Reductive Plot Summary

Picking up where the first Waxwork left off (for some reason), Lost In Time continues the vignette-based romp as Mark and Sarah travel through time and literature trying to find a way to reanimate corpses so that Sarah can prove she's innocent of the 200-some counts of murder she's been implicated in.

If that sounds like nonsense, that's only because it is.

Significant For...

Do you enjoy classic films like Alien, Godzilla and Invasion of the Body Snatchers but wish they all came in low-budget, context-free vignette form? Lucky you, your search is over.

The Entire Film In Three Images

Elements of the Film Ranked (on a gratuitous sequel scale of 1 to 5)

  1. Waxwork 1 featured a meandering buckshot plot about waxwork displays that transported you into horror stories. The sequel follows format but removes any and all waxworks, making the title as irrelevant as everything that happens within the film.
  2. Most of the segments can be rounded up to spoof or homage, but the opening sequence with the severed hand is downright theft from Evil Dead 2. 
  3. Continuing the who-gives-a-shit aesthetic of the first film, the overly-long medieval segment of the film is scored exclusively with new-age music.
  4. Bruce Campbell is (as always) very game and (as usual) easily the best part of the film.
  5. This is the rare horror film that ends with a rap song summarising the plot. A music video plays over the end credits showing that the song was written before filming completed as the rapper is performing on various sets with the cast and crew. "Lost in time like a bug in a jar. No matter where you go, there you are" indeed.

Final Verdict

Whether it's a horror film devoid of scares or a comedy devoid of laughs is your choice.

Honestly, it's your fault if you watch this film. Not anyone else but your own. Take some responsibility for once.