Waxwork Review Ice Block Quickie

Overly Reductive Plot Summary

A group of university students are in for a ghoulish good time when they discover a waxwork museum with a dark secret - if you get too close to the exhibits, you'll be absorbed into the world of spine-tingling terror that is on display.  

Significant For...

Not a damn thing.

The Entire Film In Three Images

Elements of the Film Ranked (On A blood-curtling scale of 1 to 5)

  1. A low-budget horror film that wastes the considerable talent of John Rhys-Davies? I never...
  2. Wonky editing and poor coverage create an unintentional dream-like state from start to finish. In a weird inversion of the norm, the extravagant fantasy scenarios inside the waxwork displays are more coherent than the simple dialog scenes, most of which feel like an afterthought.
  3. The film so nice, they tag-lined it twice! First, "Stop on by and give the afterlife a try". Second, "More fun than a barrel of mummies".
  4. The story is about a man who has chosen the 18 most evil beings in history. Why 18? Because 6+6+6, of course. Which 18? It's a who-gives-a-damn mix of historical figures like the Marquis de Sade and Jack the Ripper, fictional characters like Frankenstein's Monster and the mummy, and open-ended concepts like George Romero zombies and talking plants.
  5. The climax of the film (pictured above) features a wheelchair-bound adventurer who has retrofitted his mobility device to appear more tank-like as he continues his battle against evil. This pretty much sums up the timbre of the film.

Final Verdict

Come on... Who doesn't have a couple bucks for all those shenanigans? Our Ice Block Pro Tip - watch it with friends. It's too nutty to be fully enjoyed alone.