Photograph by Ryan Bruss

Photograph by Ryan Bruss

Welcome to Ice Block!
アイス ブロック ヘようこそ!

We are a group of media specialists in the greater Tokyo area focused on the creation of unique and memorable multi-media content. There are countless ways our clients use rich media content to increase the visibility of their business and generate greater interest in their services.


Jesse Koester - e-mail
Co-founder, Head of Production, Post Supervisor

Jesse Koester - Co-founder, head of production, editor

Jesse Koester - Co-founder, head of production, editor

Jesse graduated from The North Carolina School of the Arts in 2006. While there, he majored in filmmaking with a focus in screen writing. One week after graduation, he moved to Japan. Since arriving, his time has been occupied directing music videos, short films, and coordinating event coverage for a wide variety of clients. He also has experience in feature films, having written and directed one and produced another.


William Greenawalt
Co-founder, Creative Director, Director of Photography

William Greenawalt - Co-founder, creative director, director of photography

William Greenawalt - Co-founder, creative director, director of photography

William majored in animation and fine arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During school, he produced various animated shorts, some of which were featured in such festivals as the Project 21 Film Festival, the Philadelphia Film Festival, and Don Hertzfeld’s Animation Show. His films have also won several awards including The Viewer’s Choice Award at the Back Seat Film Fest and the Commercial Division Award at the Philadelphia Film Festival. He currently lives in Tokyo working as a creative director,freelance designer, and film maker.


Company Origin


Ice Block Films has its origins in rural Pennsylvania, in a small town called Kutztown to be exact. Founding members Jesse Koester and William Greenawalt grew up around Kutztown and spent most of their childhood exploring different corners of the area.

In one corner, there happened to be a shut-down ice factory known as Ice Block. After years of being closed, the Ice Block building went on the market. When it did, William suggested that he and Jesse buy the building and convert it into a production facility. Unfortunately, the building was purchased before they had a chance to buy it themselves.

So, the two decided to set up shop in Tokyo under the planned name "Ice Block Films", confident that if any closed ice factories went on the market, they would be able to make the purchase quicker this time around.

ちょっと変に聞こえるかもしれませんが、アイス ブロック フィルムスの起源はペンシルベネニアの片田舎のカッツタウンと呼ばれる小さい町にあります。創設メンバーのジェシー・ケスターとウィリアム・グリーナウォルトはカッツタウン周辺で育ち、町のさまざまな場所を探検して少年時代のほとんど過ごしました。


そこで二人は、もし操業中止の製氷工場が売りに出されたなら今度こそすぐに購入できるに違いないという確信のもと、アイス ブロック フィルムスという名前を予定して東京で開業することに決めました。